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About Us



The North West Environment Centre is a dynamic and active community-based organisation whose members work toward creating a better North West Tasmania and a better world for everyone. The NWEC vision is  'to inspire a new perspective on our relationship with the environment and  each other so that we may all act to create a socially harmonious and ecologically sustainable future'

A little History
In 2009 the Tasmanian Organic Farming and Gardening Association offered the Penguin Organic Growing Centre to the NWEC on a “walk in, walk out” basis. The foundation team members were Graeme Stevenson, Robin Krabbe and Bonnie McGee , who worked with Matty Campbell-Ellis and others to put together a proposal for the Central Coast Council for the NWEC to take over the lease of this iconic site of organic growing. The proposal developed saw the site continue with its organic gardens and annual festival but also enabled a range of new activities to be undertaken on and from the site.


The now headquarters of the NWEC at 235 Ironcliffe Rd started in 2009, where on December 5 the NWEC had their AGM.  This mudbrick building and site was a former home to the Organic and Farming Society NW division which began here in the early 1980s.

In 2011 the NWEC was able to attract funding to enable a very welcome addition to the building.  This new section with good natural design features make it a pleasant space for continuing meetings and workshops.

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